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Results and Published Decisions

Many of our best results are achieved when we reach confidential settlements in which the employer and our clients enter into agreements requiring complete confidentiality. Unfortunately, the law does not permit us to disclose the nature of confidential settlements. Here is a sampling of some our publicly reported decisions.

Reyes v. WHG Payroll Inc.,
(denial of Employer's Motion to Dismiss, Americans with Disabilities Act)

Schell v. R2 Tape, Inc.,
d/b/a Presto Tape (denial of Employer's Motion for Summary Judgment, age discrimination)

Boyd v. Riggs Distler
(denial of Employer's Motion for Summary Judgment, age discrimination, FMLA, disability case)

Polen v. Pottstown Hospital - Tower Health
(denial of Employer's Motion for Summary Judgment, age, FMLA, ADA disability case)

Selvanathan v. Opportunities v. Industrialization Centers International
(age, national origin and retaliation case)

Lewis v. Genesis Healthcare Corp.
(age case)

Aquilino v. Solid Waste
(Summary Judgment in COBRA-ERISA violations case)

Estate of Myra Fields v. Provident Life & Accident
(Favorable decision in complex ERISA matter)

Fiorillo v. New Day Financial, LLC
(Acceptance of $300,000 Offer of Judgment in FLSA overtime case)

Janet Rosen v. Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company
(Summary Judgment ERISA disability case)

Schwenzer v. Easton Hospital
(Denial of Employer's Motion for Summary Judgment & Motions in Limine to Exclude Evidence)

Storch v. IPCO Safety Products
(Grant of Discovery Motion in Employment litigation)

Stowell v. Toll Bros. Inc.
(Denial of Employer Motion to Compel Arbitration)

Client Reviews
I was terminated from my job in my late 60's, and Mr. Abramson was able to get me compensated for my losses. He was also very understanding throughout this difficult time. Arnold F.
Andy I am sure that many of your clients come to you discouraged and feeling overwhelmed like I did. Thank you so much for not only your expertise in the current employment laws but also for your professionalism and truthful desire to put your clients interest first. You brought clarity to situations as well as encouragement when necessary. Your communication was always clear and the steps as well as possible outcomes were always well thought out. I wish you all the best and will highly recommend you to others. Keith K.
Mr. Abramson did a fantastic job for me. Not only did he explain exactly how the legal system works, but he was able to get me the compensation I deserved. Bruce F.
Thank you so much for representing me in my case. It was very last minute and you still did a fine job. I appreciate everything you have done. Without you, I would have received nothing. Lori W.
Mr. Abramson is a meticulous and most responsible attorney. It has been a pleasure to work with him and his conscientious, professional staff. Robyn E.