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Andrew Abramson is an employment discrimination lawyer who devotes his practice to all areas of employment law. Clients frequently contact our law firm when they are looking for a Philadelphia employment discrimination attorney. Abramson Employment Law represents employees who are executives, partners, professionals and hardworking hourly and salaried workers who experience problems at the workplace which has often resulted in the termination of employment. Our goal is to hold employers responsible for violation of federal and state discrimination laws.

Our clients are often confronted with a situation where they have been terminated from their employment and are looking for an experienced Philadelphia based employment discrimination attorney. We represent clients in discrimination lawsuits in Philadelphia and throughout Pennsylvania, including Montgomery Bucks, Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, Lehigh and Berks Counties and Southern New Jersey. Andrew Abramson is a lawyer who has handled all kinds of employment discrimination claims, including age discrimination, race discrimination, national origin discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, religious discrimination, sex discrimination and sexual harassment, as well as sexual orientation claims. Abramson Employment Law also has substantial experience litigating wage and hour cases for unpaid overtime pay, violation of federal laws such as the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act and employee benefit related claims under the federal ERISA Law.

With well over two decades of experience we have developed knowledge of the numerous Pennsylvania and federal laws that apply to employment discrimination. The facts of each employee’s situation are different and client objectives are not always the same. We rely on our experience to develop strategies and solutions that meet each client’s individual needs.

Many of our clients who have been terminated are being deprived from the wages that support their families. Other clients are denied reasonable accommodations for their medical disabilities or suffer retaliation after they take a leave that is protected by the law. We have experience in all of these issues.

Whether you have experienced a discriminatory hiring process, lost a promotion based on discriminatory reasons, are not receiving equal pay, were terminated as a result of discriminatory evaluations, were refused reasonable accommodations for your religious needs or disability, or you have been retaliated against for supporting a co-worker’s claims of discrimination, we can assist in guiding you to a positive resolution.

Andrew Abramson regularly litigates cases in the United District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Abramson Employment Law also represents clients in the federal courts for the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania and the District of New Jersey and state Courts of Common Pleas throughout Pennsylvania. Abramson Employment Law has also been called upon to represent clients outside our immediate area when employees feel more comfortable with an attorney outside of the immediate geographic area of their workplace or where the employee believes that the employer has substantial connections with most attorney in a particular area.

We are frequently consulted by clients looking for a Philadelphia employment discrimination attorney as our principal office is located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, a suburb just outside of Philadelphia. We often litigate cases for former employees where the employer is either a large publicly traded corporation or a privately held employer with a large number of employees. Most often our adversaries are lawyers who work at large local or national law firms.

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Client Reviews

I was terminated from my job in my late 60's, and Mr. Abramson was able to get me compensated for my losses. He was also very understanding throughout this difficult time.

Arnold F.

Andy I am sure that many of your clients come to you discouraged and feeling overwhelmed like I did. Thank you so much for not only your expertise in the current employment laws but also for your professionalism and truthful desire to put your clients interest first. You brought clarity to...

Keith K.

Mr. Abramson did a fantastic job for me. Not only did he explain exactly how the legal system works, but he was able to get me the compensation I deserved.

Bruce F.

Thank you so much for representing me in my case. It was very last minute and you still did a fine job. I appreciate everything you have done. Without you, I would have received nothing.

Lori W.

Mr. Abramson is a meticulous and most responsible attorney. It has been a pleasure to work with him and his conscientious, professional staff.

Robyn E.

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