C-Level, C-Suite and High Ranking Corporate Executive Representation

The C-Level or C-Suite refers to a corporation’s most high ranking senior level executives. The terms trace their derivation to the fact that the job titles of top senior executives tend to start with the letter C, such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer. C-Level, C-Suite and other high level corporate executives engage in high stakes decision-making, have demanding workloads and deal with all aspects of an employer’s operations.

High ranking executives need an experienced attorney on their side at the initiation of an employment relationship so that executives are able to negotiate employment contracts that provide the executive with the consideration that they deserve and the best possible protection.

Issues that must be addressed at the commencement of the employment relationship include negotiation of salary, restrictive covenants, noncompete agreements, trade secret agreements, change in control clauses, bonus structure and severance pay upon termination.

After the executive employment relationship commences, high level executives are not immune from employment law issues and concerns. Executives need an attorney who understands these concerns which may include salary and bonus disputes, stock option issues, change in control issues, guidance in raising whistleblower claims, and many other matters.

When the possibility of the termination of employment relationship arises, and in instances where termination occurs, issues that may arise include breach of the employment contract, severance pay, interpretation of contract provisions, applicability of the restrictive covenants, noncompete agreements, confidentiality agreements and indemnification. In addition, the circumstances concerning the termination of employment may invoke causes of action for discrimination, sexual harassment, breach of contract, slander, defamation and many other issues.

Many times during their employment corporate executives deal directly with their corporation’s outside counsel at large law firms who have unavoidable conflicts of interest in representing the executive in any matter involving the executive’s own employment situation. Abramson Employment Law represents high ranking corporate executives in their own personal employment matters. We are particularly honored when an attorney at a large law firm with whom we have worked in other matters refers an executive client to us when the attorney or law firm has a conflict of interest. Such a referral shows that we have the respect of opposing counsel with whom we have worked on the opposite side in the past.

We are ready to assist high ranking executive employees with all employment law matters. Call us today at 267-470-4742 or contact us online to discuss your legal options.

Client Reviews

I was terminated from my job in my late 60's, and Mr. Abramson was able to get me compensated for my losses. He was also very understanding throughout this difficult time.

Arnold F.

Andy I am sure that many of your clients come to you discouraged and feeling overwhelmed like I did. Thank you so much for not only your expertise in the current employment laws but also for your professionalism and truthful desire to put your clients interest first. You brought clarity to...

Keith K.

Mr. Abramson did a fantastic job for me. Not only did he explain exactly how the legal system works, but he was able to get me the compensation I deserved.

Bruce F.

Thank you so much for representing me in my case. It was very last minute and you still did a fine job. I appreciate everything you have done. Without you, I would have received nothing.

Lori W.

Mr. Abramson is a meticulous and most responsible attorney. It has been a pleasure to work with him and his conscientious, professional staff.

Robyn E.

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