Federal Employment Laws

A Pennsylvania employment law attorney represents clients in a number of employment law claims. Abramson Employment Law is a Philadelphia area law firm that represents clients who are discriminated against by their employers. Employment discrimination in Pennsylvania can take many forms, including the termination of employment or other adverse actions, such as denial of a promotion, or a demotion, where the action is taken against an employee for an unlawful reason. For instance, Pennsylvania and federal employment laws, prohibit an employer from terminating a Pennsylvania employee where the underlying reason is the employee’s race, sex, age, religion, disability, national origin, or where the motivating reason is an employee’s pregnancy. It is important to understand that employment laws allow an employee to prove discrimination through indirect evidence, recognizing that in many instances direct evidence of discrimination is not present. An example of direct evidence would be a decision where the boss who makes the decision to terminate an employee says, “you are too old, we need a younger employee in the position.” Pennsylvania and federal employment discrimination laws also prohibit retaliation against an employee. Employment discrimination laws define retaliation as unlawful action taken against an employee who in good faith make a claim of employment discrimination. Abramson Employment law also represents employees who experience sexual harassment at their place of employment, which can take several different forms. You can find more information about employment discrimination in Pennsylvania, sexual harassment, retaliation and many other employment laws by clicking the below links...

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